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Turn A Gundam: Wind of the Moon FINAL CHAPTER & commentaries/afterword


And here we are! The final chapter of Wind of the Moon. Included also are commentaries by Harutoshi Fukui and Ryuusuke Hikawa, and an afterword by akiman himself.

If you ask me, WotM‘s a total mess, but it introduces a lot of interesting ideas to the Turn A Gundam universe: intergalactic transfer portals, hyperadvanced human civilizations, Newtype evolution, etc., and there’s some nice backstory on the Moonrace as a people. It’s beautifully drawn too. I enjoyed it.

I’d like to thank everyone involved in this project: khoda, nanopocalypse, nozaku, and myself. It means a lot to me. For years this manga has been seen as an enigma and something fans had given up hope on, so I’m glad to have led the effort to translate it.

So what’s next? Who knows. I have a few potential projects lined up. We shall see!

Thank you for reading!

The Team
Typesetting / organizing: Feez
Translation: khoda
TL checking: nozaku
Cleaning / editing: nanopocalypse

Final Chapter – Tomorrow, the Bright Skies of Earth

MEGA Folder


MEGA Folder

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