Site Introspection and Progress Update(s)

It’s been a while since my last post.

I’ve done a bit of thinking and I’d like to re-focus this blog towards being more than just a Turn A Gundam translation hub. So, as you might have noticed, I now have a domain! Any old links to posts should still work. I’ve also added the resource compilation as a site page up top.

It’s with sadness that I must announce that the translation to the Fukui novels is on indefinite hiatus (if it wasn’t already obvious…). Our translator, khoda, has had a lot of pressing real-life concerns that need attending. It’s a shame, but I cannot blame her and I thank her for her amazing work. I’d still like to see these novels translated, but I can’t promise anything right now.

But! I’ll have an exciting new translation project to announce soon, so please stay tuned. I also plan to further expand this blog to feature more personal posts, collection showcases, staff and TV anime info, opinion pieces, etc. I have a lot of knowledge, opinions, rare items, etc. to share. I’m crazy about Turn A Gundam!

This site will remain Turn A Gundam focused, of course, but I may branch out here and there on special occasions.

Thanks for reading!