My Current Cel Collection

I’ve been collecting Turn A Gundam cels in recent years and have acquired a bit of a collection. Here’s a little post showcasing them!


I don’t have timestamps yet for all the cels, but I’m working on it! See the image descriptions for more info. If you’re wondering where I shop, Yahoo auctions is definitely my go-to site. In my experience, if you’re trying to snag rare items, you want to check every day for new listings. Mandarake Auction is another good auction site to keep track of, but their listings are sparse and come-and-go quickly. eBay’s okay, but their cel collection is really thin in comparison. Cel shops at anime conventions (such as Anime Expo) are actually an amazing place to find rare cels.

DQEV8y3V4AAvcMc.jpg orig
This one’s from episode 2 (@ 9m44s), of Loran in his chauffeur outfit, in his first introduction to Guin Lineford.
DQET6wIUQAUesZl.jpg orig
Dianna and pigeon from episode 24 (@ 6m34s). I’ve always liked the various shots of Loran and Dianna holding pigeons, for some reason.
DRR2ea7UQAAkAnw.jpg orig.jpg
A shot of Dianna from episode 24 (@ 10m21s).
DBMs8LzUwAAGbtD.jpg orig
This one’s one of my favorites, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint what episode it’s from. I’ll be on the lookout during my next rewatch.
DZJywuaUQAAhgsa.jpg orig
Another Dianna cel. If you haven’t realized, I like her a lot.
Sochie is not amused.
DW1QJr1VQAA4UwD.jpg orig
Last and certainly not least is this shot from OP2, animated by Atsushi Shigeta, a talented animator whom Syd Mead even praised. This is by far my most valuable cel!

Thanks for reading. I plan to slowly continue amassing my collection. I’ll probably post a part 2 sometime in the future!


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