A copy of the script to Turn A Gundam episode #11

So I recently acquired something amazing: a copy of the script to Turn A Gundam‘s eleventh episode – “The Fall of Nocis”.


This episode’s script is by Katsuhiko Chiba, who was also responsible for episodes 2 and 6. Chiba had previously worked on anime such as Tekkaman Blade and Gundam Wing. In Turn A Gundam, Tomino teamed up with many scriptwriters new-and-old, and Tomino himself is credited as the scriptwriter to only a single episode (36). It is worth noting however that Tomino is the type of director who’d rewrite many portions of the scripts handed to him. According to Sunrise producer Hideyuki Tomioka, he’d rewrite or re-examine approximately 70%.

Character reference info.
Setting and world info.

These pamphlets were distributed to the voice actors and actresses in the recording studio. Not only does it contain the episode’s dialogue lines, it also has character and setting info for reference purposes. Many VAs would not attend every recording session, as not every character appears in every episode. VAs with minimal roles would only appear when required. Thus, accompanying the script with a quick reference guide is very helpful.

Episode 11 follows 10, the episode in which Dianna Soreil and Kihel Heim swap places in the plot. Below are some scenes & lines that I want to highlight.

Episode 11 begins with some meaningful dialogue. It hasn’t been long since Dianna Soreil landed on Earth and has begun to examine the land she wishes to share with her fellow Moonrace. One of the recurring ideas in Turn A is that the Earth is beautiful beyond words and everyone deserves to experience its beauty. This is emphasized through characters like Loran and Dianna. In this scene, Dianna is awed by a common sunrise and wonders if her fellow people feel the same. She expresses her desire for everyone to experience the many fantasies of the Earth.

Corin Nander is peculiar. You learn very little about him and the rest is left up to conjecture and imagination. He has lived for thousands of years and has done battle with Gundams of old. This scene provides some insight to his character, and I believe it is also the first time the word “Gundam” is uttered in the show.

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