A Copy of the Script to Turn A Gundam Episode #12

A couple months back I acquired a copy of the script to Turn A Gundam‘s eleventh episode. I now have a copy of the twelfth episode’s script – “Underground Passageways”. See past the break below to read more.


This episode’s script is by the legendary Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, known for being one of the original creators of Vifam (which itself was a story idea drafted by Tomino). He also wrote episode scripts for anime such as Daitarn 3 and Mobile Suit Gundam and its movie trilogy. I like to credit Turn A‘s creative success to the fact that it had a large ensemble of supporting staff. Turn A was billed as the Gundam series’ 20th anniversary project and also Tomino’s return to the franchise. As such, it is no surprise that a talented team was assembled, many handpicked by Tomino himself. Hoshiyama is definitely one of these talents.

This allowed Tomino to relieve himself of aspects of creative control. For instance, although Tomino revised many of the scripts handed to him, he himself only specifically wrote the script to a single episode (36) from scratch.

These pamphlets were distributed to the voice actors and actresses in the recording studio. It contains the episode’s dialogue, as well as character and setting information pertaining to the story at its current place.

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Episode #12 features a lot of characterful dialogue. It helps that it’s an episode focused on Corin Nander, who himself is rather peculiar. It provides hints to the viewer on Corin’s possible past history within the Gundam timeline. His obsession with the “Gundam” as an existential threat is highlighted, while the characters in the show itself remain confused. It is especially “meta” to a viewer who is familiar with the Gundam series.

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The episode also showcases Dianna’s willingness to take action herself if the need arises. She understands her position as a Queen and the responsibility she holds over her people. She feels it is her place to right Corin’s wrongdoing and instability. The way she conducts herself is rather… dangerous and bold, and amusing too!

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