Atsushi Souga

Turn A Gundam Volume 2, Chapter 6 – “Disaster Arrives”

Good news! We’re reviving the scanlation effort for the Atsushi Souga manga adaptation of Turn A Gundam. This project had been temporarily on hold due to our TL checker getting rather busy in life (along with my own laziness…). However, we’ve recruited a new TL checker to assist us. They’ve asked to stay relatively low-key, but I appreciate their assistance all the same.

This manga is an adaptation of Turn A‘s story by Atsushi Souga. While it shares the same overall plot, it diverges from the anime in many ways. There are 5 volumes in total.

The cover to volume 2.

The Team:
Feez – Organization & Typesetting
Peytral – Translation
idango – TL Checking
Nanopocalypse – Editing

Volume 2, Chapter 6 scanlation:
MEGA folder

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