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Turn A Gundam E-GRAPHICS Post Cards

I recently acquired a collection of Turn A Gundam post cards. This is a series of Bandai E-GRAPHICS cards released in 1999 which feature illustrations by various staff and industry people.

Turn A Gundam Bandai E-GRAPHICS post card collection.

I’ve scanned and uploaded them all for your convenience.
MEGA | Mediafire

Below I’ll go into detail on some of the illustrations and artists involved.

These illustrations are by Atsushi Shigeta, one of Turn A Gundam‘s prominent animators. He was also responsible for realizing Syd Mead’s sketches and concept designs into master drawings for animation and promotional purposes–Mead had tremendous respect for Shigeta and even thanks him in his book “Mead Gundam”. Shigeta has been a Gundam mainstay since the Zeta and ZZ days. Read more about him in my 19th anniversary sakuga video post.

These illustrations are by Akitoshi Yokoyama, a key animator and storyboard artist on Turn A Gundam. He drew storyboards for five episodes, most notably episode 49. He provided key animation for five episodes and is also responsible for this striking cut from opening 2.

These illustrations are by Masanori Shino, a veteran animator whose resume includes Mellowlink, Gundam F91, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, and Crest of the Stars. He’d later go on to be involved in other high-profile anime, such as Gungrave and Black Lagoon

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