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Turn A Gundam Staff, Production, and Episode Analyses – Episode #5 “Dianna Descends”

Turn A Gundam‘s fifth episode was broadcast on Fuji TV on May 7, 1999.

Turn A Gundam‘s fifth episode was broadcast on Fuji TV on May 7, 1999.

The Moonrace have begun to set up fenced-off encampments to house their civilian returnees, much to the chagrin of the Earthlings. We’re introduced to the MR-SPI05Ω”Jet Stream” (aka the “Mobile Rib”), a cargo and construction utility robot. It’s designed by Syd Mead, who called it a “very strange looking thing”, and highlights his practical designer sense. A recurring aspect of Turn A Gundam is the usage of mobile suits not just combat, but for practical purposes as well, and the Mobile Rib puts this into perspective very early on. Anyhow, rogue elements of the Militia get wind of these encampments and use it as an opportunity to loot and steal supplies and take prisoners. They even try to steal a Mobile Rib in an attempt to begin to understand alien technology. The Moonrace respond in kind, with Poe in her WaDom easily fending off the Militia insurgents. Miashei gets captured and interrogated by Phil, who doesn’t believe that she was acting on her own volition rather than on Guin’s orders. Sochie and Loran (in the Turn A) launch a rescue operation and stop the conflict from escalating.

Kihel and Sochie’s mother makes her way back home. She shows signs of mental deterioration and memory loss, implied to be caused by shock from the Moonrace’s invasion and her husband’s death. Her servants lock her in the house for her own safety. This effectively writes off the Heim parents from the show, a sad loss for both sisters who are now thrust into a warlike situation. Meanwhile, Guin and Harry attempt to continue negotiation talks in one-on-one setting, but they keep going in circles. Both sides blame the other for the escalating skirmishes.

The mobile suits the Militia unearthed are called “Kapools”. If you’re a U.C.-head, then you may recognize the name! They originate from the Capules in ZZ Gundam. As we’ll further see, this is another running aspect of Turn A Gundam—many of the mobile suits unearthed by the Militia bare striking resemblances to previous suits in the Gundam franchise’s history. Turns out Sochie herself has become a pilot of this new fighting machine, which greatly worries Kihel, who wants her younger sister to return home and care for their mother. Sochie rebuts by stating she needs to pilot a Kapool and be on the front lines in order to get past her grief and avenge their father (remember: vengeance is her guiding motivation early on).

A striking resemblance, to say the least.

The episode ends in a grand manner. Dianna Soreil, the Queen of the Moonrace herself, descends onto Earth. The Earthling and Moonrace officials stand to greet her, with Loran and Harry at the forefront. Loran himself is excited beyond belief: this is the woman he’s admired his entire life, the benevolent leader of his people who sent him off on his scouting mission two years ago. His admiration is shown almost immediately, as he zooms into the aircraft lander to catch an early glimpse of her profile. We also briefly get a look at the Soleil, Dianna’s flagship and the Moonrace’s primary base of operations, a graceful and majestic battleship befitting of its leader. This is an early turning point in the show: Dianna is Turn A Gundam‘s focus character and she has finally arrived. I’ll talk a little more extensively about her later on, but it is evident that her resemblance to Kihel is uncanny!

Turn A Gundam Episode #5 Credits
Loran – Romi Park
Kihel – Rieko Takahashi
Sochie – Akino Murata
Guin – Gou Aoba
Harry – Tetsu Inada
Poe – Yumiko Nakanishi
Phil – Tsuyoshi Koyama
Miashei – Noriko Kito
Sid – Akio Nojima
Joseph – Setsuji Sato
Michael – Tetsuo Kanao
Yanni – Takuya Kirimoto
Ladderum – Ikuya Sawaki
Jessica – Chikako Akimoto
Mrs. Heim – Fumie Hojo
Sam – Hidenari Ugaki
Female Secretary – Akiko Okamoto
Militia Soldier A – Kazunori Tanaka
Militia Soldier B – Koji Yusa
Militia Soldier C – Kihachiro Uemura
Military Officer A – Toshihide Tsuchiya
Mechanic – Kenichi Sakaguchi
Feudal Lord 1 – Takuma Suzuki

Key Animation – Seiichi Nakatani, Yasuhiro Seo, Etsushi Mori, Yasushi Shingo, Toshiaki Iino, Dan Kangoji, Akiko Nagashima, Yuriko Ikehara, Kazuyo Nakamura, Takao Takegami, Hiromi Maezawa, Katsuhisa Yamamoto, Kazuyo Tominaga, Setsuko Takenouchi, Keiko Abu, Taeko Watanabe, Fumiyo Mori, Miho Tomioka, Anime R, Sudio Cashew, Studio DEEN

In-between Check – Miki Otani
In-betweens – Studio Dove, (Reiko Saito, Akira Maeda, Yoshiaki Wada, Koji Yoshida, Kazumi Inadome, Yoko Kojita, Tomonari Shimazu, Liu Jun, Seoul Dove, Shangaih Dove)

Color Setting – Akemi Nagao (EMUAI)
Finishing – EMUAI (Yoshiki Ito, Atsuko Iiyama, Toru Kawamura, Takako Uemura, Junko Iida, Eri Masuda)
Finishing Manager – Fumie Maebayashi

Art Board – Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)
Backgrounds – White Map (Masashi Hasegawa, Sachie Endo, Jun Sakurai, Akiko Manabe)
Special Effects – Toshio Hasegawa (Marix)
Title Lith Work – Maki Pro

Photography – Asahi Production (Shinya Sawada, Atsushi Tamura, Asami Kumazawa, Noriaki Akitaya, Tomokazu Kaneko, Akihiko Fujino)
Assitant Editor – Nobuhiro Akiho (Jay Film)
Development – Tokyo Laboratory

Sound design – Koji Kasamatsu
Foley – Eiko Morikawa
Recording Adjustment – Yasuhiro Nagura (Avaco Creative Studio)
Sound Production – Rakuonsha
Desk – Yoshimi Sugiyama
Music Production – Yoshiaki Ota (Borderline Records)

Digital Effects – Sunrise D.I.D. (Hiroshi Furuhashi, Makoto Takakura, Kayoko Murakami)
Digital Coloring – EMUAI
Video Editing – Qtec
Telecine – Makoto Imazuka
Video Editor – Tetsuro Fujita

Mechanical Design – Hitoshi Iwaki, Yoshikazu Miyao, Junya Ishigaki, Mahiro Maeda, Tsukasa Dokite
Setting Proof – Shigeru Morita (Studio Nue)
Title Logo Design – Daisuke Unno

PR Management – Sachio Tamenaga (Fuji TV), Kaoru Asai (Sunrise)
Setting Management – Shigeru Horiguchi, Yoshitaka Kawaguchi

Episode Director – Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Animation Director – Atsuo Tobe
Screenplay – Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Storyboard – Masakazu Hishida, Minoru Yokitani
Assistant Episode Director – Masakazu Hishida
Production Desk – Yoichi Watanabe
Literary Coordinator – Tetsuko Takahashi
Setting Production – Koji Yasukawa
Production Secretary – Michiko Yamamoto
Production Advancement – Naohiro Ogata

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