Atsushi Souga

Turn A Gundam Volume 4, Chapter 19 – “The Militia in Space”

Apologies for the long delay, but the next chapter is now available for download.

This manga is an adaptation of Turn A Gundam‘s story by Atsushi Souga. While it shares the same overall plot, it diverges from the anime in many ways. Volumes 4 & 5 have some very noticeable changes from the original story, so be on the lookout!

There are 5 volumes in total. Our goal is to scanlate the entirety of this manga series.

Chapter 19 – “The Militia in Space”

The Team:
Feez – Organization & Typesetting
Peytral – Translation
idango – TL Checking
Nanopocalypse – Editing

Volume 4, Chapter 19 scanlation:
MEGA folder

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