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Turn A Gundam Staff, Production, and Episode Analyses – Episode #9 “Corin Shouts, It’s a Gundam!”

Turn A Gundam‘s ninth episode was broadcast on Fuji TV on June 4, 1999.

Turn A Gundam‘s ninth episode was broadcast on Fuji TV on June 4, 1999.

A new Moonrace spaceship lands and we are introduced to Corin Nander, a dangerous ex-convict who’d previously been sentenced to cryosleep for his crimes. He’s a boisterous and explosive fellow with a dominating presence, and together with his subordinates Bruno and Jacop they make up the Corin Nander Autonomous Unit. Tomino wanted Crrin to appear like a threatening figure (hence, a criminal), so Akiman designed him as a large and sluggish character. He’s ultimately a pitiful person who struggles to express himself, and this is noted immediately by his incredibly odd nature. He pilots the TAF-M9 Eagail.

Corin Nander’s outfit is meant to mimic bicycle-riding uniform. The idea was that he’s rebellious and unstable, so he doesn’t wear military clothes.

A newspaper article covering Loran’s reveal as a Moonrace has been circulating around Nocis. Sochie returns to Bostonian Castle to inform Kihel that they’d been tricked—that Loran had betrayed their trust. Sochie can’t accept that the person they had relied on all this time was an alien invader himself. Kihel reluctantly agrees, still unsure how to sort her own feelings on the matter. Guin suggests Sochie pilot the White Doll instead of Loran for reconnaissance purposes, a proposal she happily accepts. Kihel naturally objects, but Sochie cares not for anyone else’s opinion. Meanwhile, Loran is beckoned by a group of Moonrace military officers and is lead to the Soleil, where Harry confronts him. He has a copy of the newspaper, which clearly shows Loran’s photograph on it, and wonders if he knows who this “Laura” is. Loran denies the allegation, but Harry remains suspicious and locks him inside the room.

Corin Nander is off looking for the notorious White Doll, which he’s deemed a “Gundam”. Mind you, despite being a Gundam show, the idea of a “Gundam” is a foreign concept at this point in the story. So this is a big moment! Corin presumably knows what a Gundam is, implying that there’s much more to them than just meets the eye. We’ll learn more on that in the future. He attacks a Militia excavation site, and easily takes care of Miashei and the other Kapool pilots attempting to fend him off.

The first time the word “Gundam” is said by a character in the show.

The Dianna Counter are not happy with Corin’s sudden appearance, to say the least. Harry and Lt. Zenoa question why a man of such stature was even allowed to be sent down to Earth. According to Dianna, he’s a passionate man who was imprisoned and later pardoned (not by her!). Essentially, there is an internal Moonrace squabble that’s taking place. Corin was sent down to Earth to cause a “problem”, as he’d undoubtedly attack the Earthers with no qualm.

Loran’s set free by Harry and co., on the promise that he’ll find the Militia’s “Laura” and ask her to manage the current the situation with the White Doll. He rushes to Bostonian Castle, only to learn that Sochie has sortied in his stead. In a fit of rage he chases after her in his motorbike, fearing for her safety. Sochie’s foray at the front lines does not go well; Corin’s wreaking havoc and when she appears in the White Doll, he’s underwhelmed by the power of the “Gundam”. She is clearly outmatched. Loran eventually catches up to the battle and assists a downed Sochie. He jumps into the cockpit and easily overcomes Corin—with the help of a beam saber, a powerful weapon stored within the White Doll. Beam sabers are, of course, staple weapons in Gundam chronology.

In this episode, we also further see just how dedicated Keith is to his cause of providing for the people in his life. He sells out the location of the FLAT he, Loran, and Fran had arrived on years ago. He needs to make money to secure his future and start an industrial bakery. It’s consistent with his character arc so far; he cares little for the actual war and acts as a neutral third-party perspective, i.e. someone simply caught in the crossfire.

Turn A Gundam Episode #9 Credits
Loran – Romi Park
Kihel – Rieko Takahashi
DIanna – Rieko Takahashi
Sochie – Akino Murata
Guin – Gou Aoba
Keith – Jun Fukuyama
Miashei – Noriko Kito
Michael – Tetsuo Kanao
Joseph – Setsuji Sato
Verlaine – Nao Takamori
Corin – Yasuhiko Kawazu
Harry – Tetsu Inada
Miran – Kazuyuki Sogabe
Bruno – Kazunari Tanaki
Jacop – Hidenari Ugaki
Zenoa – Takehiro Murozono
Subordinate A – Kihachiro Uemura
Laborer A – Koji Yusa
Associate A – Toshihide Tsuchiya

Key Animation – Katsutoshi Tsunoda, Etsushi Mori, Toru Yoshida, Katsuhisa Yamamoto, Takenori Tsukuma, Yasushi Shingo, Yuki Kinoshita, Yasukazu Shoji, Studio Dove

In-between Check – Miki Otani
In-betweens – Studio Dove (Liu Jun, Akihiro Saito, Katsuhiro Yokoyama, Masami Koyama, Tomohiro Zaizen, Mari Yasuhiko, Kazuko Otake, Atsushi Ichijo, Seoul Dove, Shanghai Dove

Color Setting – Akemi Nagao (EMUAI)
Finishing – EMUAI (Chiyo Nishioka, Kazuhiro Mikami, Mayumi Kanno, Miho Suzuki, Mayuko Kato, Mizuho Ueda)
Finishing Manager – Fumie Maebayashi

Art Board – Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)
Backgrounds – Atelier Musa (Shuichi Okubo, Masaki Kato, Eiko Shinozaki, Yoichi Yajima, Masatoshi Kai, Tomoko Yoshida)
Special Effects – Toshio Hasegawa (Marix)
Title Lith Work – Maki Pro

Photography – Asahi Production (Shinya Sawada, Atsushi Tamura, Asami Kumazawa, Noriaki Akitaya, Tomokazu Kaneko, Akihiko Fujino)
Assitant Editor – Nobuhiro Akiho (Jay Film)
Development – Tokyo Laboratory

Sound design – Koji Kasamatsu
Foley – Eiko Morikawa
Recording Adjustment – Yasushi Nagura (Avaco Creative Studio)
Recording Adjustment Assistant – Mika Kamemoto (Avaco Creative Studio)
Sound Production – Rakuonsha
Desk – Yoshimi Sugiyama
Music Production – Yoshiaki Ota (Borderline Records)
Digital Effects – Sunrise D.I.D. (Makoto Takakura)
Digital Coloring – EMUAI
Video Editing – Qtec
Telecine – Makoto Imazuka
Video Editor – Tetsuro Fujita

Mechanical Design – Hitoshi Iwaki, Yoshikazu Miyao, Junya Ishigaki, Mahiro Maeda, Tsukasa Dokite
Setting Proof – Shigeru Morita (Studio Nue)
Title Logo Design – Daisuke Unno

PR Management – Sachio Tamenaga (Fuji TV), Kaoru Asai (Sunrise)
Setting Management – Shigeru Horiguchi, Yoshitaka Kawaguchi

Episode Director – Akira Nishimori
Animation Director – Shinichi Sakuma
Screenplay – Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Storyboard – Akira Nishimori
Assistant Episode Director – Masakazu Hishida
Production Desk – Yoichi Watanabe
Literary Coordinator – Tetsuko Takahashi
Setting Production – Koji Yasukawa
Production Secretary – Michiko Yamamoto
Production Advancement – Aya Kishida

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