Turn A Gundam Custom Made Figurines

In the past year I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with Etsy artist ClayBum on custom-made Turn A Gundam figurines. So, I wanted to make a little post showcasing them. I have four in total—two each of Loran and Dianna.

Custom-made Loran & Dianna figurines.
Loran Cehack’s standard appearance for the majority of the show. Tomino wanted Loran to have both “male” & “female” features and offered many suggestions. Character designer Akiman settled on Loran’s white hair (and hairstyle), green eyes, and darker skin. He felt these would also complement him as a mysterious Moonrace character.
Loran Cehack in his pilot suit. It’s inspired in part by the pilot suits used in the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
Dianna Soreil’s disguise as “Kihel Heim”, and the outfit most commonly-associated with her. Akiman describes it as a “sexy” outfit that emphasizes the female figure, because of the bolero-style jacket and high-waisted long skirt.
Dianna’s autumn outfit. Akiman struggled with the skirt—Tomino wanted it to be shorter, which would be difficult to implement with its flared hem. It turned out well though!
Surprise, it’s Harry Ord! This one was made as a birthday gift for a friend, so I don’t have it on me anymore.
Here’s a bonus! Aida Surugan (G-Reco) and Ciela Lapana (Dunbine), two other characters I really love. Yes, I do have a type if it wasn’t obvious. 😊

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