Turn A Gundam & G-Reco movies to feature at 2023 Sunrise Festival

The Sunrise Festival is an annual event held by Sunrise in collaboration with Japanese movie theaters. The festival has been active since 2010 and screens popular anime episodes, specials, movies, concerts, etc., mixed in with guests and talk shows to attract large audiences. This year’s festival runs from January 9th-29th, featuring many of Sunrise’s popular titles, such as Tiger & Bunny, Kyoukai Senki, Love Live, and Zeta Gundam. Most relevant of course is the fact that they’re showing both Turn A Gundam movies and all five G-Reco movies in an all-day event!

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Grand Cinema Sunshine (1/9 thru 1/22)
    • 1/9—Tiger & Bunny Special Edition: Side Tiger
    • 1/10—Tiger & Bunny Special Edition: Side Bunny
    • 1/11—The Sound of Tiger & Bunny 2016
    • 1/12—Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
    • 1/13—Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
    • 1/14Phi Brain: Puzzle of God (final episode of each season) & Tiger & Bunny 2 (first three episodes)
    • 1/15Kyoukai Senki (episodes 1, 24, 25) & 40th anniversary Dunbine and Votoms episode screenings based on fan vote
    • 1/16~1/20—Love Live Sunshine: Aqours CHRONICLE
    • 1/21—Might Gaine (episodes 8, 22, 47) & Iron Leaguer (episodes 30, 35, 50)
    • 1/22Future GPX Cyber Formula (episodes 3, 4, 5)
  • Cinema Sunshine Numazu (1/21 thru 1/22)
    • 1/21—Love Live Sunshine: Aqours CHRONICLE
    • 1/22Love Live Sunshine: Aqours CHRONICLE
  • Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema (1/28 thru 1/29)
    • 1/28—Zeta Gundam: A New Translation I, II, & III
    • 1/29—Turn A Gundam I & II and G-Reco I, II, III, IV, & V

That’s right, on the final day of the event at Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema, they’re really doing a full-day event featuring seven of Yoshiyuki Tomio’s movies. It’s being referred to as a “taboo-breaking all-in-one screening!” Special guests will include Tetsu Inada (Harry Ord), Takuya Satō (Mask), and Hisakazu Naka (G-Reco production desk staff). If there’s video footage and/or transcripts & summaries of the talks, I’ll do my best to prod for any interesting info. New G-Reco illustration postcards will also be distributed at the showings.

  • 9:00 amTurn A Gundam I: Earth Light
  • 11:19 am—Turn A Gundam II: Moonlight Butterfly
  • 2:20 pm—Reconguista in G I: Go! Core Fighter!
  • 4:05 pmReconguista in G II: Bellri’s Attack
  • 5:50 pmReconguista in G III: Legacy from Space
  • 7:54 pmReconguista in G: Love Screaming in the Battlefield
  • 9:45 pmReconguista in G: Beyond the Line of Death

Both the official Turn A Gundam and G-Reco Twitter accounts have been tweeting about the collaborative event. They’re basically unofficial sister shows in a way, so an event like this is exciting to see. Check out the official website for more details. Tickets can be purchased here.

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