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Turn A Gundam Character Heights

Gundam character heights have been a hot topic lately due to The Witch from Mercury‘s Suletta being unusually tall for a protagonist. She’s 170cm, which places her as the tallest TV protagonist in her age group (mid-late teens; she’s 17). This has prompted people in both Western and Japanese fandoms to create height comparison charts, mostly in good faith to poke fun at the oddity of the situation. What I have noticed, however, is that Loran is often either absent from these charts and/or his height is misrepresented. One such chart from a content creator listed him as 161cm, which is factually incorrect. Turn A Gundam character height information isn’t readily available online for some reason, so I figured I’d use this opportunity to rectify that. My sources include official character settei that I own, along with settei reproductions from the supplementary “Turn A Gundam Art Works” book, and Newtype Magazine character data profiles. I should note that my collection of settei is nowhere near exhaustive and as a result I don’t have confirmed heights for all major characters.

Character settei height charts, dated 2/18/99.
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