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Simoun ~Denpa DE Ri-Maajon~ Turn A Gundam Discussion

Simoun ~Denpa DE Ri-Maajon~ was an online radio program about the anime Simoun. It was hosted by Rieko Takahashi (Neviril’s VA) and Mikako Takahashi (Rodoreamon’s VA). As you might know, Rieko Takahashi is the voice actress of Dianna Soreil & Kihel Heim. Her role as Neviril is notable because it’s her only other anime role as a main character. She isn’t particularly active in the anime industry, opting instead to focus on her theater career. Takahashi continues to be an active performer at the theater troupe Yen, which she was originally recruited from to audition for role(s) in Turn A Gundam. She was colleagues with Romi Park and had a fast friendship with her; Park would reprise her membership at Yen for years after Turn A Gundam finished airing, finally retiring in 2017. In the radio program, Rieko Takahshi often advertises her upcoming performances to listeners.

Anyhow, in radio episode #23, Turn A Gundam is briefly discussed as part of a recurring segment in which listeners write in and create their own “Ri-Maajons”. In Simoun‘s world, these are trajectory rituals that the Simoun aircraft perform with varying destructive effects. In other words, it’s how they do aerial battle. I’ve translated and created a subtitle video of the segment for your viewing pleasure. To better understand the clip, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a running gag that Rieko Takahashi is rather forgetful about things of all nature, including works she was previously involved in. It’s a fun little conversation!

Rieko Takahashi and Mikako Takahashi briefly discuss Turn A Gundam [subbed].
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