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Heya, folks! Small update. In an effort to future-proof this blog and focus on ease-of-accessibility, I’ve made some housekeeping improvements. I’ve removed the “Resource Compilation” page that acted as a centralized hub of info/links. Having a long list of resources like that was useful when my content was in its infancy, but it’s gotten too large to reasonably update and maintain. Instead what I’ve done is create individual pages for major topics that people are likely to come to this blog for: “Audio Commentaries”, “Episodes”, “Interviews”, “Manga”, “Mead Gundam”, “My Sources”, “Production History”, and “Turn A no iyashi”. I know you can sort through categories to find most of this stuff, but that’s an additional step people have to take and I want to make it as easy as possible. I may add or delete pages in the future.

You’ll notice a number of incomplete items in the “Interviews” and “Manga” sections—yes, all the manga and interviews listed are either currently being worked on or future projects I intend to tackle and provide for the community. So, there’s a lot of content in the future. Thanks, and happy holiday season!

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I’m Hosting a Turn A Gundam Giveaway!

UPDATE (as of 05/31/2021): winners have been decided!

Hi folks! If you follow me on Twitter then you’re probably already aware, but I’ve teamed up with Nozomi Entertainment to host a Turn A Gundam giveaway. Nozomi Entertainment is Right Stuf‘s publishing division that focuses on “collector-grade releases for audiences of all ages”, including Gundam franchise releases for North American audiences. They’ve released many titles, including Blu-ray collections for Turn A Gundam (1, 2).

In the past year or so, I’ve had people wonder if I’d be able to do something cool to promote Turn A with Right Stuf/Nozomi. It isn’t something that’d crossed my mind before, but eventually I figured why the hell not? So I contacted Right Stuf, seeing if there’s something we could do. Unfortunately—but not unexpectedly—I received a stock response and filed away any chances of a partnership going through. Several months later, when Turn A‘s anniversary rolled around earlier this year, I noticed that Nozomi’s Twitter account had followed me and was liking some of my content. So I took the plunge again, copy-pasted what I had sent Right Stuf earlier and reached out to Nozomi directly. Days later, they actually responded back! We had some back-and-forths and mutually came to the idea of hosting a giveaway that’d promote both of us, and more importantly spread the word of Turn A Gundam.

I’m happy to be able to work with a major publishing arm of North American Gundam releases and appreciate their willingness to work together. My goal is to share the love of Turn A, and I think this giveaway is already accomplishing that. It’s been shared and liked by hundreds of folks already.

If you’re interested in entering, see my tweet below. It’s fairly straightforward: follow my Twitter account along with Nozomi’s, and then retweet and like the tweet. Sadly, given that Nozomi’s a North American publisher, I can only accept participants from the U.S. and Canada.

The contest ends this coming Saturday, May 29 at 12:00 pm (PDT). Enter while you can! THREE winners (chosen by random) will be contacted and announced shortly thereafter.