New Project: The Atsushi Souga Turn A Gundam Manga Adaptation

Big news! Today I’m announcing our intent to scanlate the entirety of the Atsushi Souga manga adaptation of Turn A Gundam! It is a manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Souga and loosely(?) follows the events of the TV series. Think of it as a standard by-the-books adaptation with its own flair.


The Team:
Feez – Organization & Typesetting
Peytral – Translation
Nozaku – TL Checking
Poe – Editing

Our translator is a budding talent looking to gain experience and make a name for himself. So far he’s doing great! Give him a warm welcome.

We’ve already completed the first chapter! See download links below.

Volume 1, Chapter 1 Scanlation:
MEGA folder

19th Anniversary: Celebrating the Animation of Turn A Gundam

Turn A Gundam celebrated its 19th anniversary this year on April 9th. Woo-hoo! Now here’s a little treat.

Turn A is unique in that it is the last TV Gundam to be mostly animated through physical cels, a process which began to decline in the anime industry by the late 1990s. In 2015 I made a sakuga MAD commemorating its animation. To celebrate Turn A Gundam‘s 19th anniversary I’ve re-created the video in HD, now with added clips and with fixed errors. Please enjoy.

Turn A Gundam features many animators. Below I’d like to highlight two of its prominent key animators: Atsushi Shigeta and Masami Goto.

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Turn A Gundam Production Materials: Select Scans & Highlights

I recently acquired a set of Turn A Gundam production materials: settei sheets, model sheets, etc. that were used as reference guides for animators. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Turn A settei for ages and have only just been able to track ’em down. Coincidentally, I also own a set from Reconguista in G.


There’s a lot of cool stuff in here and I wish I could take pics of them all, but that’d be too time consuming. Instead I’ve scanned what looked like the most interesting sheets to me. Following the break are rough explanations of these select sheets.

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Site Introspection and Progress Update(s)

It’s been a while since my last post.

I’ve done a bit of thinking and I’d like to re-focus this blog towards being more than just a Turn A Gundam translation hub. So, as you might have noticed, I now have a domain! Any old links to posts should still work. I’ve also added the resource compilation as a site page up top.

It’s with sadness that I must announce that the translation to the Fukui novels is on indefinite hiatus (if it wasn’t already obvious…). Our translator, khoda, has had a lot of pressing real-life concerns that need attending. It’s a shame, but I cannot blame her and I thank her for her amazing work. I’d still like to see these novels translated, but I can’t promise anything right now.

But! I’ll have an exciting new translation project to announce soon, so please stay tuned. I also plan to further expand this blog to feature more personal posts, collection showcases, staff and TV anime info, opinion pieces, etc. I have a lot of knowledge, opinions, rare items, etc. to share. I’m crazy about Turn A Gundam!

This site will remain Turn A Gundam focused, of course, but I may branch out here and there on special occasions.

Thanks for reading!

Syd Mead Interview – Turn A Gundam DVDs

This is a transcription of an interview with mechanical designer Syd Mead by Robert Napton originally shot for Bandai Entertainment’s canceled release of Turn A Gundam, which was announced in 2010. This has often been referred to as the “lost” Syd Mead interview, until it finally resurfaced with Right Stuf’s North American release of the Turn A Gundam DVDs in June of 2015.

The transcription follows below and has been edited for readability.

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