Production History

A series of articles detailing the history and production of Turn A Gundam! My goal is to provide an accessible source of context and knowledge for reference purposes, and to improve fandom discourse. If you want to learn more about Turn A Gundam, then this is what you’re looking for. This is the culmination of research I’ve done over the past decade or so.

Part I – Victory Gundam & Battling Depression
This article provides a brief revisit of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s 1980s~early ’90s catalog and history and his subsequent battle with depression, and what that meant for his mindset and psyche.

Part II – Influences & Inspiration
This article provides context for Turn A Gundam‘s major influences, including but not limited to the women in his life, the Takarazuka Revue, dance and theater, the Moon, Princess Kaguya, and more.

Part III – Prelude to Turn A Gundam
Turn A Gundam‘s early beginnings. Topics discussed are Brain Powerd, Ring of Gundam, the “Gundam A Project”, Akira Yasuda, Syd Mead, Yoko Kanno, and more.

Part IV – The Era of Turn A Gundam
This article is in progress. Stay tuned!

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