Turn A no iyashi


The holy gem of Turn A Gundam supplementary material is, without a doubt, Turn A no iyashi. It literally translates to “Cure of Turn A”, but I think a more appropriate localized title would be something like “The Healing Power of Turn A”. The book functions as a memoir of sorts, in which director Yoshiyuki Tomino writes about how creating Turn A Gundam healed his soul. It’s a highly intimate self-analysis about the thoughts and struggles he faced leading up to Turn A Gundam. Tomino talks about his depression, his past & present, his time at Mushi Production, his wife & daughters, and goes into depth about the challenges he faced during the show’s production history.

In the past, I mentioned that I was working on a full translation of the text. Unfortunately, that project has largely stalled. It’s something I’d love to provide in the future, but I simply can’t commit to such a large endeavor until further notice. That said, I have presented selected highlights from the book in a Twitter thread. I attempted to establish a logical sense of flow and progression for easy reading. See link below.

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