Harutoshi Fukui Turn A Gundam Novels – Part 1 Chapter 1:


Harutoshi Fukui Turn A Gundam Novels – Part 1 Chapter 1:
Cocoon on the Moon, Fruit on the Earth

Finally, our first major release following the prologue from several months back (sorry for the delay!). Part 1 chapter 1 translation.

Chapter 1 follows the events leading up to about halfway through the first episode of the TV anime but with lots of extra detail.

To recap a bit: this is the infamous Turn A Gundam novelization by Harutoshi Fukui — yes, the same Fukui behind Gundam Unicorn. It’s always been one of my ambitions to see these novels translated, and I’m finally realizing that dream. We’re making it happen.

There are two books in this novelization, each around 400 pages in length. We’ve broken it up into nine major “parts”, with several “chapters” within each chapter.

Book 1: parts 1-4

Book 2: parts 4-9

This will be a long and slow process, but it’s one we intend to see through. Just as we did with Wind of the Moon!

The Team
Typesetting / organizing: Feez
Translation: khoda
TL checking: nozaku
Editing: nanopocalypse
Proofreading: Thaliarchus


Part 1 Chapter 1:

Mediafire | MEGA

Novel 1 complete book in-progress (a single PDF containing every translated chapter in order):

Mediafire | MEGA

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