My Collection of Cels Featuring Dianna Soreil

It has been a while since I last shared my Turn A Gundam animation cel collection. I’ve slowly amassed a very sizable selection over the years, including cels from cuts by notable animators. In this post however I’d like to highlight my current collection of cels featuring Dianna Soreil. She’s my favorite character, so when shopping around I tend to prioritize items featuring her.

My collection of cels featuring Dianna Soreil (as of January 2020)

Turn A Gundam is the last TV Gundam to be mostly filmed with camera and painted on cels, marking the end of an era, so collecting cels from it almost feels like a double-honor to me.

My advice for potential cel-shoppers: Yahoo! auctions is your friend. In general it is the go-to site for Japanese auctioneers and resellers. In addition to animation cels, Yahoo!’s a good place to potentially find episode scripts, storyboards, production materials/sheets, and the like. You do, however, have to stay vigilant and search tags on a regular basis. Mandarake Auction is another site to keep tabs on, but listings are sparse and can come-and-go quickly. eBay’s an okay resource, though their selection tends to be thin in comparison. Cel shops at anime conventions and local anime stores are also good resources and criminally underrated.

Below I’ve put together comparison images of animation cel vs. animation frame. Haven’t been able to pin-point every single cel I have, but it’s a start.

episode 7 @ 18m56s
Dianna in dance party attire with Laura Rolla, episode 7 @ 18m56s.


episode 11 @ 2m12s
Dianna admiring the beauty of Earth’s nature, episode 11 @ 02m12s.


episode 12 @ 21m08s
An exhausted Loran rests on Dianna’s shoulder, episode 12 @ 21m08s.


episode 18 @ 03m23s
Dianna hesitates to wake Loran in the middle of the night, episode 18 @ 03m23s.


episode 18 @ 7m42s
Dianna in formal attire (my personal favorite cel I own), episode 18 @ 07m42s.


episode 21 @ 11m31s
Lily teases Dianna, episode 21 @ 11m31s.


episode 21 @ 13m04s
Dianna pleads with the head nurse of a field hospital, episode 21 @ 13m04s.


episode 21 @ 14m01s
Dianna as a nurse, episode 21 @ 14m01s.


episode 21 @ 18m23s
Doing laundry, episode 21 @ 18m23s.


episode 24 @ 6m34s
Dianna and pigeon, episode 24 @ 06m34s.


episode 38 @ 03m28s
Dianna in the asteroid colony Mistletoe, episode 38 @ 03m28s.

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