New Project Announcement: “Turn A no iyashi”—the healing power of Turn A Gundam

An original print copy of the book.

A while back I acquired a holy gem—”Turn A no iyashi”, which literally translates to “Cure of Turn A”, but I think a more appropriately localized title would be something among the lines of “The Healing Power of Turn A”. In this book, director Yoshiyuki Tomino writes about how creating Turn A Gundam healed his soul. It is essentially a memoir or autobiography detailing the thoughts and struggles Tomino faced in the 90s leading up to Turn A. It is a very revealing and vulnerable text; Tomino talks about his depression, his past & present, his time at Mushi Production, his wife and daughters, and goes into depth on the production process.

A reprint hardcover copy I purchased for archiving purposes.

I’m working with a friend to translate and edit the entirety of the book for public release. I don’t have an ETA. It could be several months from now, or even a handful of years. The text is rather long and presented as a stream of unorganized thoughts, and it would be remiss of me to misconstrue anything in it. So, what I’m saying is to stay tuned but don’t hold your breath, as I’m slow enough as-is with my other projects. Just want to be transparent!

However, what I have been doing is presenting selected highlights from the book on Twitter. I’ve attempted to establish a logical sense of flow and progression. See thread below:

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