I’m Hosting a Turn A Gundam Giveaway!

UPDATE (as of 05/31/2021): winners have been decided!

Hi folks! If you follow me on Twitter then you’re probably already aware, but I’ve teamed up with Nozomi Entertainment to host a Turn A Gundam giveaway. Nozomi Entertainment is Right Stuf‘s publishing division that focuses on “collector-grade releases for audiences of all ages”, including Gundam franchise releases for North American audiences. They’ve released many titles, including Blu-ray collections for Turn A Gundam (1, 2).

In the past year or so, I’ve had people wonder if I’d be able to do something cool to promote Turn A with Right Stuf/Nozomi. It isn’t something that’d crossed my mind before, but eventually I figured why the hell not? So I contacted Right Stuf, seeing if there’s something we could do. Unfortunately—but not unexpectedly—I received a stock response and filed away any chances of a partnership going through. Several months later, when Turn A‘s anniversary rolled around earlier this year, I noticed that Nozomi’s Twitter account had followed me and was liking some of my content. So I took the plunge again, copy-pasted what I had sent Right Stuf earlier and reached out to Nozomi directly. Days later, they actually responded back! We had some back-and-forths and mutually came to the idea of hosting a giveaway that’d promote both of us, and more importantly spread the word of Turn A Gundam.

I’m happy to be able to work with a major publishing arm of North American Gundam releases and appreciate their willingness to work together. My goal is to share the love of Turn A, and I think this giveaway is already accomplishing that. It’s been shared and liked by hundreds of folks already.

If you’re interested in entering, see my tweet below. It’s fairly straightforward: follow my Twitter account along with Nozomi’s, and then retweet and like the tweet. Sadly, given that Nozomi’s a North American publisher, I can only accept participants from the U.S. and Canada.

The contest ends this coming Saturday, May 29 at 12:00 pm (PDT). Enter while you can! THREE winners (chosen by random) will be contacted and announced shortly thereafter.

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